Who we are

An American robotics network is being launched. The network is termed the Robotics Virtual Organization (Robotics VO). The formation of the network was initially sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
The objective of Robotics-VO is to provide the community integration needed to ensure that robotics in the US is the best in the world in terms of quality of basic research, economic impact, broad community engagement and promotion of the field as an important STEM catalyst. This objective is achieved through a series of activities that are coordinated through the Robotics-­ VO. The VO is not necessarily responsible for the implementation of all the activities, but serves as a catalyst to maximize impact. The activities include:

  • Maintenance and promotion of a roadmap for robotics in the US.
  • Consultation to agencies and companies on the utilization of robotics.
  • Organization of educational initiatives from K-­‐12 to Graduate Education to secure access to the human capital needed for continued economic growth involving robotics in a broad sense. This include educational resources, outreach, and topical efforts such as summer schools.
  • Study mechanisms and best-­‐practice for transition of technology from basic research to commercial applications including issues such as standardization, utilization of common platforms.
  • Organize and secure mechanisms for dissemination of information about robotics to society at large 
  • Provide the resources to organize and support Special Interest Groups SIGs in terms of studies and coordination of topics. This is primarily in terms of coordination resources such as a web facility, mailing lists, and discussion forums.
  • Provide mechanisms for coordination of national efforts across society at general, academia and industry. 

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